Transfer Device TD 

Transfer device system is a kind of automated parking system whose main equipment is a transfer device that can move horizontally or vertically. In that device, there is a pair of lifting robot and vehicles are parked directly on floor without pallet. 

It can be combined with a lift to become a TDL system (Transfer Device and Lift), suitable for small parking areas.

  • Simultaneous vertical/horizontal stacker, multiple direct loading zones, highly efficient for multi storey above or underground parking structure. 
  • TD type does simultaneous vertical and horizontal movements for short waiting periods. 
  • Very safe for the driver with no need to stay in the car. 
  • Good for underground parking lot. 
  • Optimum capacity: less than 90 vehicles per system
  • Parking areas must be constructed  in accordance with the standards of the system;
  • The system has many tiers and consists of a transfer device that can lift and move to transport vehicles from entry area to empty spaces;
  • There is a pair of robot on transfer device;
  • Vehicles are placed directly on the floor without pallets;
  • Transfer device can combine its movements to reduce the time of transporting vehicles;
  • The system can be built as an independent garage or installed underground buildings.

OSPREY Robotic Parking