Transfer Device Lift 

Transfer device Lift system is a kind of automated parking TD system combined with Lift whose main equipment is a transfer device that can move horizontally or vertically. In that device, there is a pair of lifting robot and vehicles are parked directly on floor without pallet. 

  • Lift entry vertical / horizontal stacker, multiple indirect (lift) loading zones, highly efficient for multi-story above or underground parking structure: combined with lift with TD.
  • Suitable when there is the height difference between the main entrance / exit floor and the parking lot.
  • Optimum capacity: less than 90 vehicles per system.
  • It is possible to set 2 lifts per TD to reduce waiting time
  • Chain lift: Using in case that the height difference is under 8m.
  • Wire lift: Using  in case that the height difference is over 8m.
  • Turning lift
  • Lift moves vertically, horizontally and circularly at once
  • Possible to keep the car in forehead status both entrance and exit