Permanent & Temporary Structures Warehouses & Shelters

OSPREY provide unique permanent and temporary structure warehouses & shelter solutions for mining, oil & gas, construction, business and industrial sectors. Osprey provide its customers with unbeatable quality and value for money when compared with traditional building methods without compromising on quality and durability.

Our Permanent & Temporary Structures Business and Industrial Buildings are available in a variety of clear span widths and heights (larger spans, eave heights including higher wind and snow loading are available upon request). This range of semi-permanent, yet fully demountable buildings provides end users and rental companies with instant covered space solutions suitable for a multitude of industrial and specialist applications. These include the mining, oil & gas, distribution, logistics, retail, exhibition, production, automotive, showrooms, military, aviation, seaport and leisure sectors.

Our Permanent & Temporary Structures Warehouses, Sites Workshops, Mobile Halls, Business and Industrial Building systems can be designed to fully comply with regional site-specific wind, rain and snow loading. Unlike traditional construction methods however, our innovative temporary structure warehouses and building systems offer many advantages. They are rapidly assembled, can easily be extended, or taken down and fully relocated with minimal disruption to business operations at an unparalleled speed compared with traditional construction methods.

Our extensive range of Permanent & Temporary Structure Warehouses, Workshops,   Business and Industrial Buildings Aluminum and Steel Structures, are available in the following product categories: WS Range, Canopy, Non-Insulted, Thermo Insulted, hard roof, soft roof and steel roof range. We also manufacture and supply container shelters according to your needs. 

All Permanent & Temporary Structures Warehouses, Workshops, Sheds, Container Shelters, Business and Industrial Buildings structures are available with a comprehensive range of accessory products including personnel doors, roller shutter doors, lighting, power distribution, HV/AC and more.

OSPREY provide you with options to buy or long lease, with a qualified maintenance team to support our products during the installation or  leasing period. We design, manufacture, sell, lease and maintain all our solutions to suit all your needs.
Please contact our specialist/sales team for the structures availability and options or for any other inquiries

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Prefab Permanent & Temporary Structures, Warehouses, Workshops & Factories Buildings 

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