Military Solutions - Permanent & Temporary (Rapid Deployment)

Osprey are committed to do the most cost effective rapid deployment projects for Defense and Military with no compromise on quality and security. 

We have a huge range of solutions for Defense and Military: 
  • Military Camps
  • Shelters & Warehouses
  • Jet Shelters
  • Link Tunnels
  • Modular Buildings
  • Hangars for Helicopters / Aircraft/Tanks & Vehicles .
  • Workshop tent
  • Storage tent
  • Tents to protect containers from weather conditions
  • Tents to store military equipment
  • Canteen tent
  • Meeting tent
  • Mobile halls 

We are not only a supplier, we are a full turnkey project company beginning in design, engineer, manufacture, transport, build and delivery is always on time. 

Please contact us for references and further details.  

Military Camp
Military Camp medical unit

Military Camp link tunnels
Jet Shelter
Aluminum structure warehouse
Military camp and warehouses