Temporary Business Space

Start Your Own Business (Temporary Structure) 

We provide you the best solutions to start your own business with less capital as possible without having to wait to get your own building, we provide you with all the structures of the various ideas widening trade that wish to implement (Offices, Warehouses, restaurants, games Halls, gym/sporting halls, clubs, etc.) with all interiors necessary furnishings and equipment. Our temporary business halls will give you the chance to continue earning money without stopping your business while you doing major maintenance to your exciting business location, We will make you choose any type of our numerous halls which will fulfill the purpose of your needs.

Our Solutions are Quick and Guaranteed Success

The Advantage of establishing a temporary business is the speed that can perform work when an emergency happened. We use the best system in designing and manufacturing structures to meet all your temporary and urgent needs. We have vast resources to save you time and trouble of searching and waiting, and our services can approach you anywhere and anytime throughout our worldwide branches.

Control Your Premises Size

We offer you great designs with easy removal and installations, and it could be adjustable based on your space, size weather without putting extra effort. You can always ask for our team to assist you removing, resizing or installing your hall based on your requirements and needs.

Comprehensive formula

To Save your time and money, Osprey will provide your temporary aluminium structure halls with all the necessary needs including: Water supply, sanitation, electricity supply, generators and air conditioners, interior Décor with all accessories (furniture, curtains, carpets, lighting, wallpaper or decorations walls based on your preference), to offer you our overall best services.

Australian/NZ Safety Standards

Quality & Safety is the main feature of our structures & products; we apply all international standards and AS/NZ safety standards with highly importance to ensure safety to the maximum extent possible in all factories and productions. Our halls are characterized by extreme resistance to fires and storms, rain and harsh weather climates, and conform to European & AS/NZ standards and  specifications.




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