FRP Construction Materials

Osprey Composites member of Western Osprey Pty Ltd is an exclusive agent of 
The MM®, one of the most innovative Italian FRP solutions provider and manufacturer.    

Molded Gratings

The molded fiberglass gratings provide maximum reliability and performance even under the most adverse conditions in corrosive environments and under the action of unfavorable weather conditions. The MM® Gratings provide the widest choice in the market as regards both the size of the panel that of non-slip surfaces and with different levels of resistance to fire. The use of molded fiberglass gratings is recommended when the security against corrosion and unfavorable environmental conditions are a major concern: also the use of FRP gratings allows extremely low maintenance and a lifecycle much longer than materials such as steel and timber.

Fabricated Structures

MM gratings has the ability to offer "turnkey" (design, manufacture and assembly), a wide range of fiberglass - FRP - handrails and facilities for connection and support, from the smallest platform up to complex structures. To meet the special needs of these projects concerning the structures, the design team MM Gratings provides accurate technical drawings and consulting support to fulfill the objectives of the project.



The innovative MM-scale security, with cages meet or exceed the most restrictive requirements of current legislation. With the certification ACS, can also be used instead of the stairs in stainless steel when there is the need to be in contact with potable water. The stairs can be ordered with or without safety kit cage. Steps and stairs for walkways complete the range of products offered.


FRP Advantages:

· Corrosion Resistant
· Non-Conductive
· Fire Retardant
· High Strength-to-Weight Ratio
· Low Maintenance
· Long Service Life
· Meets appropriate Requirements
· Slip Resistant
· Light Weight
· Impact Resistant
· Superior Ergonomics
· UV resistant
· Diamagnetic
· Radio waves transparent



1. Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals
2. Aqueducts, water treatment and scrubbers
3. Shipyard
4. Energy & Utilities
5. Telecommunications
6. Food & Beverage
7. Waste management
8. Manufacturing Industry (paper tanneries galvanic textiles)
9. Mining industry (oil, gas & mineral)
10. Urban design / architecture
11. Transportation (rail & highways)
12. Out-door & Marinas

FRP GRE Mining and Oil and Gas                FRP-for-Telecommunications

     FRP-for-ShipyardFRP for Outdoor and Marinas



FRP Chemical application platform
FRP, GRE Grating, nosing, platform and handrails

FRP for energy and utility application            FRP-for-Waste-management        

FRP application for food and beverage                      FRP-for-Transportation-rail-highways