Well Casing Solutions

We are highly specialised in composites FRP (GRE) Well Casings, and are one of very few companies in Australia who supply:

  • Design, Engineer, Manufacture and deliver on time 
  • Competitive price
  • Short lead time delivery
  • International Accreditation & certification
  • Approved by major Oil & Gas clients around the world

We Design, FEM analysis, qualification testing and manufacture of: 

  • Well head 
  • Flanged pipe 
  • Pump house Casing Pipe With Bell and Spigot(Normal Joint) 
  • Pump house Casing Pipe With Bell and Spigot (Anti Rotational Joint) 
  • Production Section Casing Pipe With Bell and Spigot(Normal Joint) 
  • Production Section Casing Pipe With Bell and Spigot (Anti Rotational Joint) 
  • Overshot 
  • Upper string connector 
  • Perforated Base pipe with Screen 
  • Sediment tube 
  • Float shoe

The design philosophy for casings and well components shall ensure that the axial load bearing capacity, compression loads, external collapse pressure will have a minimum factor of safety of at least 2.5 the screens and up to 3.0 safety factor. These safety factors including the following specified Loads and Combined Loads: 

  • Jointing Method and its ability to withstand installation and service loads and prevent leakage, sand ingress. 
  • Loading combination during installation and in service 
  • Cyclic Loading (if applicable) 
  • Creep
  • Long term degradation of properties (like strength, modulus) 
  • Service environment and resistance to degradation as a result of chemical or microbiological action arising from water and its sterilization or as a result of the cementation process. 
  • Imposition of the strain limitations to prevent resin cracking under conditions of service, installation, storage, shipping and transportation. 
  • Water Quality 
  • Thermal Expansion 
  • Percentage of Water Absorption 
  • Temperature in service, shipping, storage, exposure to dry air borne sand and UV light.

Base line well casing
Screen Jacket FRP GRE Well casing
screen jacket well casing
Jointing system FRP GRE Well casing
Double bell coupling FRP Well casing Integral socket
Fixed flangeStub end