Osprey Contracting & Osprey PMC are members of Osprey Solutions Group, are our global project arm. 

Osprey Contracting along with our affiliated and partner companies offers global projects services for the Oil & Gas, Mining and Civil projects around the world. 

Osprey PMC is the project management and consulting arm of Osprey Solutions Group

With years of experience we have built up an excellent team of affiliated companies where we work together in a consortium to win, execute and deliver small, medium and big turnkey projects.

It was founded by a group of professionals with extensive knowledge of project execution in the energy sector to cover a variety of projects in a number of industries.

Osprey offers its clients, a complete and comprehensive line of project services from Planning to Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning.

We believe that the world is a small village, and we have offices and associates offices in Canada, USA, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia South Africa, Nigeria and Australia.  

In 2012, we extended our profile into Telecommunications and Security. With projects in the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors, targeting the Middle East and Northern Africa


Osprey EPC