Mega Dome

Osprey Solutions Group, Mega Dome Structures is manufactured in different sizes and is in great demand due to its different usages and comprehensive characteristics regarding dimensions and shape. It is possible to choose your own materials prior the manufacturing process, in addition to choosing your own colour for the outer covers of the marquee. The Mega Dome Structures is up 50m in width, without columns and any length as per choice. It may reach 11m in height, depending on your requirements.


We adopt the highest international standards of quality and safety in the manufacturing process of the structure for our different marquee types.

The structure of each marquee is made of solid aluminium  which is highly resistant against extreme weather conditions such as wind, rain, high or low temperatures, storms, dust etc. The structure of each tent is fixed to the ground by a base made of steel and held in place with steel rods of various length depending on the quality of the ground. The softer the ground, the longer the rods. In some cases these can reach up to 1.5 meters in length. In addition, special 20cm screws are available in the case of cement flooring.

 Sample Size Clear Span 15m 
  • Clear span width 15m 
  • Side height 4m 
  • Ridge height 7.2m 
  • Roof pitch %' 
  • Bay Distance 5m
  • Longest component 6.8m
  • Minimum hall length 5m
  • Maximum hall length No limit 
  • Main Profile 211x111x3.5cm 

  • Roof options:
  1. Clear Pvc
  2. Translucent PVC
  3. Opaque PVC
  • Wall options
  1. Translucent PVC walling
  2. PVC window walls
  3. Opaque PVC walling
  4. Glass cassette walling
  5. Hard PVC panel cassette walling
  6. Sandwich panel cassette walling
Mega Dome Structures 20 m clear span 

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