Witch Hat

Osprey Solutions Group provides different sizes of  WITCH HAT marquees, whether small or large. They also come in the different colours  We are the only company in Australia which provides a WITCH HAT hall with an area of 144 square meters and with a great height of 6 meters. This gives a more luxurious look externally and internally. This is in addition to its high quality specifications.


Osprey adopts the highest international standards and AS/NZ standards of quality and safety in the manufacturing process of its structures for all its different hall types.

The structure of each hall is made of solid aluminium which is highly resistant against extreme weather conditions such as wind, rain, high or low temperatures, storms, dust etc. The structure of each tent is fixed to the ground by a base made of steel and held in place with steel rods of various lengths; depending on the quality of the ground. The softer the ground, the longer the rods used. In some cases these can reach up to 1.5 meters in length. In addition, special 20cm screws are available in the case of cement flooring.