Our Cathedral structures is constructed in widths of 20m, an eave point of 5m, an apex of 17.1m and an unlimited length of repetitive 5m module.

The structure is designed and fabricated out of heavy duty extruded aluminium profiles of a special alloy 6061 T6, mechanically jointed in a quick methodical manner. It serves events such as weddings, corporate events, product promotions, festivals. It could also be the solution for new years eve parties, exhibition sports hall, concerts and any other type of multi-purpose events.

The roof is covered with a durable, soft, fire retardant, PVC materials of 950G gage that could be formed in several shapes according to its purpose and usage. Facades could be made of soft PVC, any type of glass panelling system, decorative windows and doors according to approved design.


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Diamond Hall & Marquee
Diamond Hall & MArquee
Diamond Hall & Marquee event and concert
Diamond Hall