This particular shaped marquee, provides for a variety of usages to suit your specific requirements and needs. We produce the biggest hexagon marquees, with a width and length of 12 meters. Even more, you can choose your preferred colour and sides according to the purpose of usage of the marquee. We also call it Hexagon Arabian Marquee.

It can shape together to form a beehive structure which can be used for restaurants, cafes, events, exhibitions etc. Or it can just stand a lone for its many purposes. 

Hexagon Arabian Marquee 5m to 12m
          Sample Size 6m 
  • Clear span width 6m 
  • Side height 2.8cm 
  • Ridge height 5.6m 
  • Highest point 6.95m 
  • Roof pitch 
  • Longest component 4.10m 
  • Main Frame 120x120x3mm

Hexagon sample

For Sale and Lease Marquees and temporary structure


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