Osprey Solutions Group provides custom made Smart Halls & Marquees are the perfect solution for any event. They are versatile and can be custom made to any size. Our Smart Marquees are unique, the largest reaching a size of 50 meters in width without columns, and an adjustable length. In addition to this, they can be designed in any shape or architectural design of choice.

Furthermore, we are able to provide Smart Marquees of indefinite width and length, with one column needed at every 50 meters. We are the only company in the world, manufacturing smart Marquees of indefinite dimensions.


We adopt the highest international and AS/NZ standards of quality and safety in the manufacturing process of its structures for its different hall types.

The structure of each Hall (marquee)  is made of solid aluminium which is highly resistant against extreme weather conditions such as winds, rain, high or low temperatures, storms, dust etc. 

Smart Hall & Marquee

Clear Span width sizes 5m -10m -15m - 20m - 25m - 30m- 40m- 50m
Indefinite width and length, with one column for each 50 meters. 

 Sample size of 40m clear span 
  • Clear span width 40m 
  • Side height 4m 
  • Ridge height 11.5m 
  • Roof pitch # 
  • Bay distance 5m 
  • Longest component 10.80m 
  • Minimum hall length 5m 
  • Maximum hall length No limit 

Sample Design Smart Hall

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Massive Mobile Hall smart Hall and Marquee
Smart Hall & Marquee Exhibition, mobile hall
A Smart Hall and Pyramid Marquee
Exhibition event Mobile Smart Hall & Marquee